Meet the Team

Eoin Bolger

Founder/CEO and Account Manager

Eoin is a fully qualified teacher who has taught internationally for over 5 years, through this experience of international teaching he believed that he and Garrett could improve current recruitment practices. Over three years of recruitment experience has made them the biggest teacher recruitment company in Ireland. Eoin and Garrett developed a unique screening process which ensures that only the highest calibre of teachers will be placed in front of our schools.

Eoin is still as passionate about teaching and education as he was when he began Teach and Explore, this love of education drives both Eoin and Garrett to provide the best possible educators to each of our clients.

Garrett O’Dowd

Founder/CEO and Account Manager

Recruitment specialist, supplying international schools worldwide with outstanding teachers. Supplying schools with full recruitment service, from initial contact to the point of arrival. Extensive knowledge of visa processes and document localisation processes. Previous experience of teaching in outstanding educational institutions have provided him with the knowledge of what makes an outstanding teacher.

Social media, marketing and general business enthusiast. I am passionate about learning about the latest recruiting, marketing and digital trends and how these can be used effectively to improve our customer’s experience.

Fergal O’Rourke

International Legal Consultant

Fergal is a new recruit to Teach and Explore. He has extensive knowledge of international law and acquisitions. He has prepared high level consultancy reports for Teach and Explore and publications on varied topics. Fergal is trusted with client management, coordinating pitches and proposals to our clients, overseeing client events.

One of Fergal’s biggest skills is undertaking marketing initiatives and profile raising, including management of relations with educational publications and building us a global brand in the education market.

Aoife Mahon

Head of Recruitment UAE

Aoife is a former primary school teacher with vast experience in upper management. She was first hired as an educational consultant and her time at the company has resulted in some very positive results. She specialises in locating and screening our candidates looking to teach in the UAE. Candidates have commented on her ability to provide them with in depth information into various teaching positions, while also storing and handling their attested of documents with care and precision.

Aoife is warm and honest with all candidates providing them with an honest positive assessment of what will be in store for them, this has resulted in high retention rates for all of our candidates.

Niamh Looby

Recruitment Manager for Middle East

Niamh has taught for two years in Al Ain and has an excellent understanding as to what schools in the Middle East are looking for. She looks after all of our teachers who are looking to teach in the UAE and Qatar.

Perrie Topia

Head of New Zealand Office

Perrie was a Principal in the UAE for over 3 years. His school in the UAE was rated as Outstanding this is largely through the terrific staff he hired over his three years as Principal and obviously his own hard work!