Interview Tips

Interviews can be a daunting experience, but fear not here are the Top 10 Interview Tips from our experience recruiters. These are the most common mistakes made by candidates when it comes to interviews.

Top 10 Interview Tips

  1. First impressions are lasting – Wear appropriate clothes, do you look presentable? SMILE entering the room remember a smile is infectious.

  2. Paper work – Make sure to bring all of your paper work, this is most important. If we ask you to bring it that means you MUST bring it.

  3. SHOW OFF – This is your chance to impress, bring pictures of your classroom, children’s work both of these things let schools know the type of environment that you will create for your children.

  4. Be Genuine – Schools and principals want teachers who a caring, considerate, flexible and conscientious. Let them see that you are that type of person.

  5. Be Early – This again creates a positive and lasting first impression.

  6. Be Confident – Nobody likes doing interviews, so draw some comfort from the fact that everyone is feeling as nervous as you are. The more prepared you are for an interview the more relaxed you will be. Sell yourself- Remember schools might interview over 30 people for one position so it is your job to make a lasting impression.

  7. Explain and Describe you ESL experience – If you are going for a job in an international school, you will more than likely be working with ESL children. They will want to know about previous experience you may have had teaching ESL.

  8. Be prepared to name a weakness – No one is perfect, and schools know this so be prepared to answer this question. Try to turn your weakness into a positive. For example “I’m a perfectionist.”

  9. Know your stuff. Be prepared! There are certain things in education you should really know about. If that means you need to study, then study.

  10. Remember sometimes it is the school and not you – As you know schools are like teams and sometimes certain dynamics work better within these teams. Most people that we interview could easily be hired but like a team it comes down to who will fit best into our team?