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When I had first considered teaching abroad, I researched the best possible recruitment agency to facilitate such a significant transition. Teach and Explore was the only agency in which I had complete confidence due to their overwhelmingly positive reviews and recommendations by many people who had used their services. Eoin was gracious in answering all my questions and addressed my concerns with patience and understanding. Taking my preferences into consideration, he paired me with an outstanding school and I couldn't be happier with how smoothly everything fell into place. There are many apprehensions that come along with moving to a new country, and those were alleviated, thanks to the distinguished services of Teach and Explore.

Cadine Millar
Toronto, Canada

I used Teach and Explore to go teaching in Abu Dhabi beginning in September 2013. Teach and explore explained everything to me before I arrived and explained what I should expect before I arrive. Everything that they did was transparent. They explained everything from getting a new phone to how to open a bank account and even put me in contact with the Irish society in Abu Dhabi. This made it a lot easier to make friends and meet new people. I would recommend Teach and Explore to anyone.

Kieran Kelleher
Cork, Ireland

Teach and Explore provided exceptional help to me obtaining my current teaching post in Dubai. Before coming over last year I bombarded the lads involved in the website with questions. Each one of them was answered quickly and after coming over and experiencing the place for myself it’s clear every question was answered honestly, from school expectations to what the Emirate is like itself. I’d fully recommend this website to anyone as the little tips provided have really helped me settle in and get to know people quickly making moving far away from home a lot easier and a great experience.

Paul Downes
Dublin, Ireland